Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


– Do you photograph on film or use digital?
– All images will be taken with professional digital camera.

– How long to receive the pictures and how will I get them?
– I will make a CD with all images taken in high resolution straight
after the shoot. You can also bring your memory stick or a hard
drive and I can copy your files there.

– Do work on weekends? 
– Yes I do, at no extra charge.

– What to bring to the shoot? 

  • Black and a white shirt
  • Black and a white t-shirt/top
  • Black dress if girls
  • Black ‘V’ and ’round’ sweater
  • Turtle neck sweater
  • A few coloured tops that match the colour of your eyes.

– What should be the given photo credit? 

– All Headshots must be credited as by “Gibson Photo Pro”

– How can I pay for the shoot?
– You will be asked to pay by cash, check, credit card or wire transfer on the day of the shoot.

– Can I order more retouched images later?
– Yes of course, I charge $25 per one extra retouched image, payable online.

– How do I book a session?
– To book a session or for any other enquiry please visit my contact page and we can go from there